I cannot say enough about D&S Elite. They quality of work performed on our house was outstanding. Every time I walk into my home, I appreciate their hard work, caring and quality of workmanship.

A devastating fire destroyed our house and we never believed it would be hour home again. Joe called the night of the fire was so compassionate and empathetic that we felt like we owed them an opportunity to do the repairs. When meeting with Joe and Steve, their compassion for our loss was overwhelming and connected us on a personal level. In that first meeting with D&S Elite, our family got the impression that they were ready to start rebuilding our lives. We decided to hire them with the understanding that they could handle ever aspect from start to finish. D&S Elite not only provided this but did so with highest quality of work and finished before scheduled.

I would recommend D&S Elite to anyone. Their quick and high quality work is above and beyond the competition. D&S Elite uses quality subs and has the best employees that I have ever met. Thank you Joe and Steve for giving us the best house we ever thought possible. You truly turned a potential house into a home.

Ed and Lee Ann Healy

Ed and Lee Ann Healy

March 1, 2010

To: Steve Surman
D&S Elite Construction

From: David H. Renninger
1626 W. Philadelphia Ave.
Boyertown, PA 19512

Dear Steve,

More than a year has transpired since that immense tow truck slammed into the side of our home shortly after noon on January 28, 2009. As you know, the impact caused extensive damage to both the exterior and interior of my home. Despite my emotional trauma and the enormous amount of damage to my personal property, I can reflect and with absolute assurance admit that speaking with you the day after the incident and hiring your firm to complete the reconstruction of a significant portion of my dwelling was the best decision I could have made. As we embarked on a long and complicated project, I began to realize the extent of your experiences. I was especially impressed by the numerous consultations you had with the engineers as they ascertained the best approach for repairing the walls of my house. Your involvement in choosing the materials which best matched those sections of my home which would not be replaced was tedious and, at times, frustrating; however, your recommendations proved to be the best solutions.

Another significant aspect of this project was the dialogue that you continued to foster with my insurance adjuster Andy Nicholson who represented Nationwide Insurance Company. I was especially happy with your attention to details as you review Andy’s itemized estimate of the damage and made suggestions that included items that were not part of the original estimate. Your ability to discuss and influence Andy’s decisions certainly saved me a large amount of out-of-pocket expenses. Further, the subcontractors you hired were accomplished craftsmen who respected their professions and worked diligently to complete their work to satisfaction. The same is true of your employees, in particular, Joe, who was always ready to listen to my recommendations, to discuss an idea, to caution me about the shortcomings of a not-so-good idea that I thought might work, or to complete those little extras that seemed to pop up all the time. Joe and I developed a wonderful relationship, and he penned me a complimentary note about the work that had been done and the decisions I had made. This wonderful relationship is only surpassed by the support, understanding, and patience you displayed as you and I faced challenging aspects of the overall project or the small details of the day-to-day work site. Although you were the general contractor, you willing granted me the opportunity to choose subcontractors whom I had used on previous occasions to complete portions of the project. By the time your responsibilities were met and the work was completed, I had made a new friend. Because this close association has evolved into a friendship, I know that this friendship is the most convincing piece of evidence substantiating you professionalisms, your expertise, and your pride in a job well done. If any perspective client would like to visit my residence to see first-hand the final results of what has been done and to see the photographs of the work as it was progressing, please have them contact me, and I will accommodate them.

In closing, thank you for all you have done. You have returned my home to me. For that I will always be grateful.


David H. Renninger

June 7, 2011

This letter is my personal recommendation for D&S Elite Construction.

My house burned on January 18th, 2011. I had numerous fire chasers (public adjusters and contractors) hounding me, but Joe and Steve showed up and finished putting a tarp on my roof and my neighbors roof to prevent any more water damage to the properties. They walked through the house with me while I was in shock of how much damage there was. I was missing one of my cats and was beside myself thinking the worse. Joe and Steve helped me move the bed and sure enough we found her hiding inside the box spring. Needless to say she is fine now.

As shock wore off and the insurance company did what they needed to do, D&S worked with my insurance company. I also asked during the process of rebuilding if I could be informed of everything and they didn’t mind telling me what was going on. I asked many questions and they answered them without being annoyed. I asked for some thing to be changed and also asked for some extra things. I liked the fact that I could voice my opinion on things and they could voice theirs on what would look better. I would come and check on the progress every step of the way. Joe and Steve were always in contact with me via phone.

May 6th 2011, I moved into my rebuilt/new home. It was positively amazing how it looks. They did such a great job rebuilding my home and it was very fast. What contractors are going to go with you to a floor store and help you pick out floors with you because you can’t make up your mind? That’s what they do they go out of their way to make sure their clients are comfortable and happy with the project. It actually looks better now than it did before. The quality of work they do and the time and effort to make their clients happy with the end result is great. The best part is that in that in a short period of time they became my friends who helped me during a difficult time and took care of things to make it better. They are a hard working, honest company who became part of the family.

I highly recommend D&S Elite Construction for any type of construction work/restoration work. Joe, Steve and their team members are all great to work with, very easy going and all they want is to make their clients happy and satisfied with the work they do. They take pride in their work and its shows.

Thank You,
Enid Martir

Enid Martir